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Friday, November 14, 2003


In an entirely non book-related blog, I just want to say how much I love news aggregrators – those little apps that collect up syndicated newsfeeds and make keeping up with blogs and news so much easier.

On my Mac at home, I use NetNewsWire Lite (shown), and it’s very handy. You just add in the address of the RSS feed (often shown on sites accompanied by a litte orange XML logo) and it’ll update whenever you’re online. It’s also easy to create folders to keep you sports feeds away from your friends’ blogs, for example. On the PCs at work, I’ve yet to settle on a favourite reader, but ExtremeTech did a recent review of RSS readers that might be worth a look.

So now, rather than trawl through my browser bookmarks or just get my news from a couple of sites, I can have a quick scan through the latest info all in the one place, arranged the way I like it. And of course, all the P45 blogs offer an RSS feed that newsreaders can use – just use the ‘Syndicate this site’ link that’s on the left hand nav.

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