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The Best Places to Find Your Next Remote Job

So you’ve decided to join the movement of the future and look for a remote working job. But where do you find one? Craigslist won’t help, and most of the big job listing sites start by asking you where you want to work (as a result I imagine a lot of people are accidentally looking for employment in the town of Remote, Oregon).

But there are an increasing number of good sites to start looking on, and from my months of research here are the best options I’ve found. I’d love your feedback and suggestions to update this list with resources I’ve missed.

We Work Remotely

Tied to the book Remote by Basecamp’s Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanssonm which makes the case for the office-less future, this listing site is technology and programmer-heavy, and is kept up to date often.


A side project of Buffer’s Rodolphe Dutel, which includes a good newsletter of remote working tips and resources, along with the jobs list. It too is startup up and tech-heavy, but if you’d like to work for a company like Buffer, this is a good place to look.


Has remote and local jobs (by the way, we need a better word for in-person jobs now, for when the idea of a job is not tied automatically to a place), but with a handy filter to view only the remote jobs. You’ll see some overlap in the jobs with weworkremotely and, so again, tech heavy, but it also has some freelance and contract options that you won’t see on the other sites.

Remote OK

An aggregator with a useful list of filters and a weekly email list. Nicely done all round.


A great resource for startup jobs with some innovative features, but I’m not sure how well some of them actually work. It’s good that job listings include a salary range that you can see up front, and you can express your interest in jobs through the site after you’ve filled out a profile. You can also filter by remote jobs, job type and other characteristics. The company profiles allow you to get a good sense of the organization that’s hiring.

The downside might be that since it’s so easy to express your interest, there’s not the sense of obligation on the company’s side to get back to you if you’re not what they’re looking for, so you can be left hanging. Also, you’ll be sending all applications the same profile, which doesn’t allow you to do the optimal adjusting of your resumé for individual openings. I’ve applied for a couple of positions through the site and heard nothing, so if you can find the same listing elsewhere, it might be better to find the apply in a more traditional email-y way that could be more likely to get you a response, one way or the other.

Virtual Vocations

A clearing house of remote jobs — they research and compile listings available elsewhere and bring them all together in one place. It’s a paid service, but there is a free version that lets you see the opening but not who it’s for — with a bit of googling you can sometimes find the original listing, but in the end if you’re serious in your jobhunting the subscription might make sense.

There’s a much wider number and more diverse set of jobs displayed here than some of the more tech- and startup-heavy boards, but their categorization isn’t great. The categories don’t seem to be sorted by actual people, they’re just based on search results, so, for example, you’ll see ‘social’ work jobs in the ‘social media’ category. (For what it’s worth, I’ve emailed them about this while I was a paying customer, and they never replied to me.) That said, I’ve seen jobs here that haven’t shown up on any of the other sites, so it’s worth its spot here.


A lot like VirtualVocations, it’s another paid service with a wide range of jobs, including some with large multinationals such as IBM and Aon. The categorization here is well done, and you can also create a profile (or more than one) and the site will suggest jobs that meet your requirements. There are dozens of new jobs every day. Well worth a look


One of the few large recruitment sites that makes it easy to search for remote offerings. Its saved searches feature helps for repeat visits, and there are a lot of jobs to choose from.


Not a ton of jobs, but it’s kept up to date. Mainly IT and developer jobs.

Given the site’s name, it’s weird that its first filter box is by location, but there’s a set of tags to help sort out jobs by type of work, all within the developer and software engineer arena.

Run by a co-founder of Flexjobs — but this is a listing site not an aggregating site, so some of the jobs here might not appear elsewhere.

Working Nomads

Tech-heavy curated list of jobs — but there are lots of to choose from, if that’s your thing.

Lots of content marketing jobs, with a good option to search only the virtual positions.