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Apple Certified Pro in Aperture

Last week I went to all4DVD in Orange County south of LA for a 2-day training course in Apple’s Aperture. And when the training was over I took the certification test, and passed. So I’m delighted to say I’m now an Apple Certified Pro Level 1 in Aperture.

The course, taught by Aperture Master Trainer Victor Maldonaldo, was pretty intense — it’s been a long time since I spent 2 days solid doing one thing in front of a computer, let alone trying to absorb all the information and instructions coming at me.

I did the training and certification for two reasons. Firstly, to improve my own skills in the application I use all the time for managing and adjusting my own photographs. There are so many valuable tools and tricks in Aperture, that I almost never go back out to Photoshop to work with my images. Even though I’d been using the application for over a year, the training filled out my knowledge and gave me more comfort in all the features.

The second reason is that I’m now able to help other photographers (professional or serious amateurs) with Aperture. Setting up a good workflow, or just learning how to get the most out of the adjustment options can take a long time, and I’d be delighted to offer some advice and guidance.

So if you’re in Santa Fe or Northern New Mexico, give me a shout.