Moore Consulting Santa Fe and New Mexico

Revision of International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe site

We’re happy to announce the successful completion of a cosmetic redesign of the site for the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe, in preparation for this year’s 10th Anniversary Market in July.

Last year, we moved the site from an older content management system to WordPress, knowing that a rebranding was going to take place this year. As we mentioned at the time, we built the site with this in mind, and so the design work we’ve just completed was not a huge undertaking.

Based on the new identity and branding created by design firm VWK, we’ve updated the site’s color palette, logos and typography to match the guidelines, working with VWK to make sure the site is consistent with the rest of the Market’s output.

For 2013, there’s also a new electronic press kit — a separately-designed subsite just for the media. Again, we worked with VWK on this — they designed the new look, and we implemented it.

The work was completed with limited disruption to the site, and we’ve also added this year’s new artists to the Profiles section.

See you at the Market!