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Lensic Performing Arts Center use my images

Who says Flickr doesn’t generate business? The Lensic Performing Arts Center here in Santa Fe got in touch recently to see if they could use a couple of my images to promote their Nuestra Música show this Friday.

Apparently there just aren’t that many good photos of legendary New Mexico musician Antonia Apodaca kicking around and they found mine on Flickr. One lesson from this is to make sure your images are tagged usefully, as you never know who’s looking.

Another lesson is that you should always carry your camera with you — I got the shots at a lunchtime concert on the Santa Fe Plaza while I was having a picnic with my wife and daughter. I took them with my (since retired) Rebel XT, and my (long-since sold) cheapo EF 28–105mm USM lens.

Here’s the postcard, but it was also on the print ad, and it’s on the front of the program, too. Looks like a good show.