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Exploring the lesser-known parts of New Mexico

Thursday, November 17, 2005

off the road websiteI don’t normally talk about work stuff over here – there’s plenty of room for that on the Moore Consulting site – but I though you might be interested in the latest site I’ve built for the NM economic development department.

Off the Road is “a transparently opinionated website focusing on shopping and dining in the downtowns of all 21 New Mexico MainStreet communities. Here, we show you where to find bargain collectables, a cute pair of shoes, or a piping-hot plate of green chile enchiladas – all from locally owned businesses found on main streets, town squares, and plazas across New Mexico.”

There are slideshow and a quiz to tell you where you should visit based on your personality, and with the help of my friend Dana, the design has a suitably quirky feel that I couldn’t have managed on my own. 

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