As I write this in November 2020, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and here in New Mexico another lockdown has begun. This year has seen us all try and deal with it in a range of ways, and one of the projects I undertook was to gather up articles, blog posts and other writings of mine and put them all in one place at my own domain again.

I’ve been paid to write since my first job in England in 1993, and I’ve also written a range of things just for myself. I’ve also been a professional photographer, self-employed website designer, and nonprofit communications director. I’m currently still being paid to write (and occasionally photograph) for a national research laboratory in New Mexico – but everything here is my own, and doesn’t reflect in any way the views of my employer.

So what’s here?

Articles – I’ve written for The Irish Times, New Mexico Magazine, The Illustrated London News, and a bunch of websites, way back to my Modest Proposals column for the early Irish web developers Nua, back in 1995 or so. A lot of these articles were on film, TV and music, with some travel thrown in. This isn’t a complete list (I’ll try and find the New Mexico Magazine travel pieces), but it’s a start.

Moore Consulting updates – for ten years or so I ran my own web consultancy in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I built sites, and wrote content for a range of clients including nonprofits, schools, photographers, and architects. I also did some professional photography for clients and publications during this time. I wrote posts with updates, web tips and the like. When I closed the business, I kept an archive of those stories.

Blog – Stuff nobody paid me write, and wasn’t aimed at getting more business. These are personal updates, and thoughts on everything from football and remote working, to movies and life in New Mexico. It’s stopped and started over the years, but I’ll add to it intermittently.