Moore Consulting Photography

Published in JPG Magazine Print edition

An article of mine is featured in the latest print edition of the photography magazine, JPG, that’s just arrived in my mailbox.

The article — called ‘Prime Suspect’ — is a hymn of praise to the cheap and cheerful Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. They included three of my photographs to accompany the article.

JPG is a high quality print magazine available throughout the US, that has over 100,000 members contributing articles and photographs to its website. Members vote on the things they like, but an editorial panel makes the final print version.

So I’m well chuffed to have made it in. Especially as this combination of photography, journalism and the Web is an area I’m going to explore in more depth in my own big project in the New Year. More on that later, but for now, feel free to rush out and buy a copy of the mag.