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UK election looms

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

There’s a general election in the UK on May 2nd. Although I was born and raised in England, and still have my UK passport, I don’t get a vote now I’m out of the country (which is as it should be).

But I’ve been following the campaign, and it’s clear that while Labour look likely to get back in, the most important thing is the shift to the right they’ve adopted to get them re-elected.

The Lib Dems (formerly the centrist party) have now become the most left-wing party, and Blair’s government is looking more centre-right than European-style Social Democratic.

A great way to see the issues laid out for you is to take the quiz on the Who Should You Vote For? site. Agree or disagree with the main policies laid out by one or other of the parties during the campaign, and see which of them you’re most sympathetic to.

Unsurprisingly, I’m now a solid Lib Dem – as I would be if I got a vote. The more frightening thing is that I disagree less with the UK Independence Party than I do with Labour (although I think this is probably due to the UKIP only having one policy to disagree with – the UK’s withdrawal from Europe – while Labour have several policies not to like)

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

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