Playstation thumb

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The generous and wise Buendia bought me a Playstation2 for Christmas – partly to replace the one we had to leave behind in Ireland when we moved, and partly as a gentle suggestion that I had become a little too serious of late, and wasn’t giving myself permission to play.

Her plan may have been a little too successful. After many hours of playing FIFA Football, my left thumb is sore, but under my management Everton won the League, the League Cup and the FA Cup last season. I turned down a move to Inter Milan for the chance of playing in the Champions League. With luck I’ll get hired by Arsenal at the end of the season, and then there’ll be real fireworks.

The game is great, but now whenever I watch real football on TV, I want to move the players around.

Interestingly, too, the game is actually called FIFA Soccer over here, and all the players on the box cover are Spanish – no prizes for identifying the one ethnic community in the US (excluding Anglo-Irish expats like me) that might be interested in a footie game.

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