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On a southbound train

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It’s 7.15pm and I’m sitting on the train to Wexford (I’m on my way to deliver some training on writing for the Web), and it’s a surprisingly civilised affair.

There’s room, a bit of peace and quiet (oh look, we’ve just pulled into Greystones), and Dublin looked great as we slid through the southside as the sun set.

I’m tapping away on the laptop (we’ll see how long the batteries last), and I’m struck by the same sense I used to get when I used to fly a lot – that I’m not really quite anywhere – like Kermit’s nephew.

And it’s very liberating. I can read, stare out of the window, catch up on blogging, and all the way I’m travelling too. But there’s nothing I really have to be doing.

I was hassled before I got on the train, and I’ll be working hard tomorrow and Thursday, but right now things are good.

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