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Happy Bloomsday

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So it’s the hundredth anniversary of a set of events that never happened. How suitably Irish.

Dublin is en fete to celebrate the centenary of the day described in Ulysses, and amid the free breakfasts in O’Connell St, the messenger bike races and the people in straw hats and period costume, sometimes it’s not clear why we’re doing this.

Which is fine. It was great to hear Ryan Tubridy try a quick reading from the book on breakfast radio this morning, and who cares if most people getting involved in the celebrations haven’t even read the book?

It was a modest but touching gesture of love for Joyce to pick that day – the day he first went on a date with Nora. A hundred years on, and there are parties in the street over it. Pretty good for a book.

I’m off to wander around in town. Of course.

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