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Soft day, thank God

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It started raining here last night around midnight. And stopped around 5pm.

And when I say rain, I mean hard thundery, tornado-warnings-in-force kind of rain. Some bouncy hail too.

New Mexico houses don’t have guttering, they have little ramps that launch the water off the almost-flat roof and send it crashing to the ground, to soak into the sand, or to form little rivulets that run downhill the best way they can.

Large buckets to collect this water (for redistribution to the dryer parts of the yard) were overflowing when we woke up, and full again after I’d emptied them at lunchtime.

Between the loud rain, the overcast day felt suitably Irish, but when the sun came out around 6:30pm and we went for a quick stroll, we saw there was snow on top of the mountains. You’d be waiting a long time for that in Dublin. And it’s only the first week in October.

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