Moving home

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Buendia and I have just scored some great office space downtown in Santa Fe.

This means we both have a place to go to work (as does Buendia’s first employee, starting in a couple of weeks).

It also frees up the room at home for its new role in the summer, and will keep our work lives separate from the home existence.

We’ll also be handy for drop-ins and lunch dates – quite a few friends work in the heart of town.

The space is in a cool 50s building on East Palace Ave – a high-falutin’ address in Santa Fe, and we’ll be moving in next week. My jobs will include setting up the wireless network, so there’s a need for a funky Airport Express yoke.

Maybe some pictures to follow of us in the new crib – which looks out onto a little grassy courtyard.

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