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‘Could try harder’

Thursday, February 05, 2004

My mum sent me over almost all my school reports. Thirteen years of grades and judgements and the frightening thing about them is that they’re all the same. I hardly changed in my entire school career.

The first ever report says I was good at English, keen to help in class and a bit quiet. And that’s pretty much what every other report boiled down to until I left for college. I was OK at the sciences, and never caused any trouble, but it was in English, history and languages that I flourished and really enjoyed myself.

(I was terrible at Art, which prompted the funniest comment: ‘He works politely but without any flair or interest.’)

I didn’t get reports in the same way in college, but they would have said the same. And I’ve not changed much since.

Which means the sort of person I am now was already set before I started school. I wonder would my first teachers be surprised to see how I’d turned out? Almost certainly not. I hate being so predictable.

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