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Thursday, June 03, 2004

So Buendia’s back in LA for ten days, so it’s just me and cat at home. And this coincided with leaving the day job, so I really am at home all day. And it feels like a weird flashback to three years ago.

I’ve got plenty of work to be doing – working on a report on e-Government benchmarking which is more interesting (to me, anyway) than it sounds. Plus sundry jobs for myself – updating the Accidental Pilgrim site and trying to get my iPod to play nice with my machine (that’s what you get for installing the latest upgrades).

But there’s been more Playstation and Pot Noodle action in the last week than you could shake a student loan form at – i’m regressing.

And it’s kind of fun just for a few days, but I’m glad this is temporary – me and the cat both miss Buendia.

I’ve been taping television programmes for her, but not really enjoying watching anything myself without having her beside me on the couch to talk to. And Arthur the cat didn’t purr for the first few days after she’d gone.

So I’ll try and enjoy my few bachelor days, but really it just confirms that I am, like, _so_ married. Thank God.

[NB: For more Pot Noodle action, specifically the thinking behind the classic (now banned) ‘Slag of all snacks’ Pot Noodle ad, check out this case study from the semiotics consultant who advised Unilever on the campaign.]

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