In Praise of the Four-Day Week

In 1995 I was in Dublin working my first job after getting my Masters. I was writing what was then called computer-based training, which would grow up to become online education. I was helping to produce courseware to teach people how to use Microsoft Office products, which even then were bloated and less than intuitive. […]

Remote work isn’t just for digital nomads, it’s also for boring people like me

I love reading stories of intrepid people living as digital nomads, living in exotic places while running their businesses, or freelancing their way around the world. Aussie digital nomad James Clark has a great list of resources and links to the blogs of other folks doing a similar thing, which often revolves doing web-related or […]

Presenteeism and What to Do About It

We’ve all seen the co-worker who drags themselves to the office while they’re fighting a stinking cold, and sneezes and groans their way through the day, because ‘they’ve got something they have to get done’. Heroic, right? They must be the sort of committed and dedicated employee we need — someone you’d want in you foxhole when […]