Future imperfect – sci-fi TV shows

Saturday, June 22, 1996 ?Those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it,?  runs the famous line. That?s all very well, but now there?s a televisual corollary: ?Those who are ignorant of the future are condemned to repeat the present.? In some ways the future?s never looked brighter. Big-budget science fiction shows […]

Born Curious – Interview with Jostein Gaarder

Thursday, June 20, 1996 ‘To study philosophy increases your identity, giving you more strength as an individual. If we learn a little about thinking, it gives us a stronger self, because philosophy doesn’t ask questions like ‘what have you got?’, but ‘what are you’’. Jostein Gaarder talks like an evangelist. The author of Sophie’s World, […]